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Privacy Policy

Part of the Terms and conditions that is related to the Privacy Policy:

XI. Privacy Policy

XI.1. The aim of the Operator is to ensure the complete protection of the personal data of the Costumers.

The Operator protects the personal rights of the Costumers by observing the rules of the law which relate to the protecting of the privacy: Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary and Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information („Privacy Act”).

XI.2. Giving the personal data on the website of the web-shop is voluntarily as agreeing the Terms and conditions on the web-shop the Costumers agree that their data will be handled.

If the Costumer is asked by another person, then it is his/her responsibility to get the approve of the other person, for publishing the Costumer’s data.

In the case of getting the statement of people with no legal ability or of people with limited capacity, the preliminary approval of their representatives are necessary, except for those managements of data, that aim transactions that happen in every-day life.

XI.3. In relation with the web-shop the Operator make registration data management that is declared to the Hungarian National Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

For a purchase at the web-shop a preliminary registration is necessary. The data that have been given by the registration can only be used in the necessary way and degree bound to the selling of its products and to keep contact with its Costumers. The argument of the data management is the agreement for the data management.

By giving their personal details the costumers agree that their data will be used for the fulfilling of the service by the Operator. The Operator only uses these details for the aims mentioned above, will not give them to a third person, will not give it forward without approval, will not publish them, keeps them separated and encrypted.

If the Costumers choose the courier service as a transport method for delivering the chosen product, they agree that in order to a successful delivery, their data will be given to the courier service by the Operator. These data are accessible for the workers of the web-shop that have labor relations.


XI.4. The aim of the data management for the Operator is to fulfill the orders of the Costumer. Besides, the aim of the management of some data is to enhance experience of the costumer, for example by sending a newsletter.

The data impacted by the data management are: name (first name and surname); e-mail address; address; billing address; phone number.


XI.5. The duration of the data management: until the certain Costumer initiates the removal of his/her registration. In the case of a purchase until the duration of the mandatory retention period that is prescribed by law.

XI.6. If any Costumer either conducts opposite practice than the content of the Terms and conditions or conducts unfair practice against the Hungarian or the European Union’s legislations, then the Operator can begin the identification of the Costumer, in order to start the necessary proceedings.

XI.7. If any Costumer does not log in the web-shop for 10 years, his/her registered data can be automatically removed by the Operator, who can also delete the these data.

The Costumer can ask for the adjustment or removal of his/her personal data via an e-mail message at any time. Even in this case the Operator is not entitled to remove those data, because the Operator is bound to withheld some data because of the legislation.

XI.8. The personal data are kept electronically on a server platform chosen by the Operator. The Operator keeps the billing data on its branch, as well.

The Operator makes every possible steps of computer technology and work management in order to ensure the safe data management, and to prevent letting the data into the hands of a third person.

XI.9. The Costumer can ask for information about the management of his/her data, about the person who does the data management, about the data processing programs, about the conditions of the forwarding of the data, other details about the data management. The Costumer can also ask for the fixing or changing and removal – except legislations related to the data management – of his/her personal data.

Asking for information is free of charge, however for a repeated asking within the period of one year, the Operator is entitled ask for the payment of the costs of the administration.

XI.10. The Operator is bound to react to the Costumer’s questions of the data management within the shortest period of time, or within 30 (thirty) days – in the case of rejecting the Costumer’s request, the Operator is bound to give a reason for the rejection. If the Costumer does not agree with the decision or the act of the Operator, he/she can turn to the court in 30 (thirty) days after the publishing of the decision.

XI.11. During the data management the Operator follows the prescriptions of the Hungarian law, does the data management carefully, keeps the data confidential, does not make it accessible for a third person, except for the cases in which it is necessary to give these data for the enforcement of its rights according to the Terms and conditions, when the Operator is ordered by a legislation, an order of the authority, or an order of the court.

XI.12. In relation with the data management of the Operator, the Costumer can write a legal remedy or a complain to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, (location: H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C., postal address: H-1530, Budapest, post office box: 5. Phone number: +36 (1) 391-1400).

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