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34. How to choose the proper dive light

The ideal dive light for you must suit your needs.

When you browse the dozens of dive lights you can buy from, a beginner diver can be confused very soon. But we think to choose the best for your needs isn't that challenging. If you are a recreational diver who usually dives during dive trips, we recommend to prefer the smaller, multifunctional, reliable dive light.

The are some common features of the Spark Lights underwater lights: all of them have the same compact size, and all of them use the same patented charging system which makes it unnecessary to open the dive light. It minimizes the chance of flooding. The rechargeable battery is more eco friendy as well. Our products are reliable, we designed them for long lasting.

When most of us buy a dive light, we have two typical options. We can choose a dive light with plenty of functions, which will become the "Swiss army knife" of our dive equipment. The Spark Action Light 7F is that kind of dive lamp. You can change the output from weak spot light to powerful combined light (the maximum output is 2500 lumen!), so it is suitable for night and daytime dives as well. You can use it for underwater videography thanks to the 90° degrees beam angle.

If you are into the fluo diving, you want to see this colorful side of marine life during fluorescence night dives, you can switch to the UV mode. The red mode is popular amongst underwater photographers. Because you can change the output level the dive light will work for several dives with a single charge. Rechargeable, small, the price is affordable- many ouf our customers love these features. The Spark Action Light 7F will be your favorite dive buddy if you need a smart and reliable dive light.

If you need more light because you are into underwater videography, we have another recommendation. The Spark Action Light V1 is a powerful video light with 3600 lumen maximum output. You won't find UV and red LEDs in this dive light, but when you need the maximum output to make great videos, you will love the V1. As this underwater video light is as small as our other products, it fits perfectly for smaller action cameras.

Those who make underwater videos regulary know the quality if the camera doesn't matter that much, you don't use video light. Without them you can't make spectacular shots even during daytime. The Spark Action Light V1 is a great too to make more colorful videos of our underwater adventures, and you don't need to leave beacuse it's too bulky for travel. If you don't bring your camera you can use it as an ordinary dive light, you can change the output level so it will work great in any situations.

There is a wide range of accessories for the Spark Lights underwater products. You can choose a pistol grip for your dive lamp, or the ball for your underwater video setup. We recommend to browse our webshop to choose the dive light which fulfills your needs!

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