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8. Flying on airplane with the Action diving lights

It is a critical issue for every diver that travels a lot, whether he can take his electronic devices onto the airplane with himself. Our company takes this into consideration, this is why we chose to use a safe, high quality battery that had passed an aviation safety examination, and we also give practical advices to our costumers, in relation with travelling.

Nowadays, the safety of flying is influenced by the huge amount of electronic devices and their batteries that is taken on board by the passengers. The number of the places at the airports where the safety of the batteries are examined is increasing, if the battery is not safe the passengers can not take the batteries with themselves.

Although, this can be unpleasant, you should not forget that it is done because of our safety. A sudden fire on the board is dangerous for the people, and no one would like to risk his and the others’ life, or the lives of our family members only because we want to take an improper battery onto the board with ourselves?

The battery change in the Sparklights Action diving lights, is not as easy as it is in the case of a lamp operated by a traditional pencil battery. This has the advantage of reducing the risk of the flooding, to provide a long run-time to our lamp, we incorporated a high quality one into our products.

Because this incorporation, in case of attending a flight, we might have to face many questions about the battery. Because of that we chose a battery for our diving lamps that has a certificate which proves that it is suitable for the strict requirements of the aviation safety. We trust in the quality of the certificate that the manufacturer was given, however, currently, there is no unified prescription for every airline, that correctly specifies which battery you can take with you.

According to an international regulation, those devices that contain batteries under 20 Wh, can be taken on board without being opened, the batteries in the Sparklights Action diving lights are suitable for this requirement. Our costumers will get this certificate, so that they can show it at the airport. However, we cannot guarantee that it will not be judged in a stricter way , as this is only a recommendation.

Those who travel a lot, have different experiences about this. Our small-sized diving lights are not so bold, moreover, they have a certificate of their batteries. It depends on the rules of the airport, how much the electronic devices will be checked: In Egypt, there is small chance of having your battery checked, but in Beijing, those divers that travel with lamps or photo-taking equipment will have to pass serious examinations.

This is similar to the prescriptions related to the hand luggage: many airlines define their maximal weight, still it is rare that they will take it too seriously. Although, if they measure it, they can validate the rule this cannot be violated by any passenger.

When people talk with their friends, they can hear many good and bad experiences. A strange example of this, is the strict rule in relation with the regulator: in the Philippines, you can not take your diving equipment onto the board with you, in your hand luggage. So you should orientate yourself, and should be ready for solving any sudden problem.

Because of that, you might need to remove the battery from the Sparklights Action light products, or you might need to change it. This can be done by the user, with the help of this video.

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