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32. The Spring in the Adriatic Sea

The marine life attracts a lot of scuba divers to Croatia even in May.

Many Central Europan divers organize pre-season dive trips to the Adriatic Sea. In Croatia it's possible to dive in April or May, you can avoid the crowd and the sea is beautiful doesn't matter if you see it from your terrace or go under the surface.

Certainly it takes a little bit of preparation if you want to enjoy diving in the not too warm water. The thick neoprene wetsuit is a must, but the drysuit can be an even better choice. If somebody didn't dive during the winter months it's recommended to check the diving equipment. And it can be useful to go to a pool practice to prepare for diving in the open water.

There is one piece of equipment which you should surely take with you to the Adriatic: your reliable, good dive light. Whenever you dive from the shore and don't descend to deep, the bottom won't seem too colorful. The dive torch will help you to look for the hiding, exciting animals like seahorses, pipefish, octopus or hermit crabs. Some of them are amazingly colorful!

To the best walls you usually have to go by boat. Those who don't use dive light during daytime dives often swim near the most colorful spots without recognizing their amazing yellow, orange or red colors. Simply turn on the dive light and you will be stunned. Don't miss this experience! If you took an underwater video camera, you can make exciting and colorful shots with one or two Spark Action Light V1 underwater video lights.

Another reason to bring a dive light is it can be useful when you want to show something to your dive buddies. If you plan a night dive certainly having a good dive lamp is simply a must.

A reliable dive lamp like the Spark Action Light 7F can be used for creative lighting when you make photos under water. Certainly the underwater strobes are much more powerful but sometimes it's fun to make special pictures with a dive light. Underwater photographers can use it as a focus light as well.

The Adriatic Sea didn't disappointed us this May and summer comes soon so we can plan new dive trips. We recommend visiting the best dive sites of the Croatian shoreline all year long and our dive lights can be very valuable pieces of your diving equipment during these dives.

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