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19. Scuba diving in the night and in caves

In the Red Sea you can have all kinds of dives.

When we plan a liveaboard dive trip to Egypt, we always bring dive lights with all the other equipments, as we can do night dives. In most of the liveaboard dive trips you have the chance to see the animals which start hunting in the night.

Everyone knows some predators become active after dusk. Typical night hunters are the lionfish or moray eels. Daytime they usually don't move but in the night they start to look for prey. They look into the small holes and crevices. If they found something to eat, they attack fast.

In the Northern Red Sea there is a really popular night dive site very close to the Gobal Island. There are the remains of a barge in the shallow water: nobody knows the name of the scattered wreck which is the home of many underwater animals. A lot of fish live there, morays and lionfish look for prey in the night around the hull, and we often see octopus and stonefish. Just above the wreck a shoal of fish used to stay.

The divers need a good dive light if they want to see the hiding animals or follow the hunters. If they want to examine the whole coral reef or a wreck in the dark, they can use the wide beam mode of the Spark Action Light 7F dive light. But usually we don't want to blind all animals so we prefer the spot light mode, and we set the necessary power level. This is just perfect to find the most exciting species and it's easier to show them to our buddy.

Some of the Spark Lights products has extra red LEDs, some of them has UV LEDs, and the Spark Action Light 7F multifunctional dive light has both of them. It's interesting to see when the animals aren't frightened by the red light as they can't see that. That is the reason why most of the underwater photographers prefer dive lights which has red light function.

The diving with the UV light is a totally different experience. Many of the corals become neon green, you feel you are on a different planet. You never see anything like this when you dive on the reef during daytime. If you want to try fluo dive, it's useful to choose a dive light which has UV mode.

There are many small caves and caverns in the Red Sea too. You will need a reliable dive light too if you want to look around in them. In those dark cavern you can't see corals, but sometimes different kinds of animals hide there. The divers have to move carefully if they don't want to stir up the bottom. With your dive light you can see the rocks, the walls and the roof inside the cave. This is very different from the coral world, it can be a special experience to see a cavern in the Red Sea.

The divers enjoy the Red Sea trips because they can have all kind of underwater adventures: coral reefs, night dives, wrecks and cave to explore. Some people love to see the colorful animals, other ones are interested in dive sites with historical significance. With a little luck we can see dolphins and sharks, we can watch how the animals live together or fight. Our company's goal to design reliable, affordable multifunctional dive lights to the divers who can use them in every situations under water.


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