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V2 medium package

Functions 3 functions + SOS flash, 4 levels of lights
Combined lights Combined Video-Photo lights 90°+120° (max. 3600 lumen, 7 x CREE 10W + 6 x CREE 3W XM-L2 white LED's)
Video-Photo light 90° (max. 3000 lumen, 3 x CREE 10W + 6 x CREE 3W XM-L2 white LED's Color t: 5500 K) 120° (max. 2500 lumen, 4 x CREE 10W XM-L2 white LED's Color t: 5500 K)
Run-time (high/low level) Video-Photo light-0,5/8h; SOS-5h
Information The price contains the accessories on the pictures.

Action Light V2 (Video-Photo 2. type, with 4 kinds of operating modes

Multifunctional lamp for diving, with maximized white light

It is an ideal source of light for cameras and video cameras.

This lamp is waterproof, it does not have to be opened for charging. It can be charged with any USB power supply (phone charger, cigarette lighter chargers with USB input, etc.) that is capable of min. 1A amperage, so there is no need to use any special kind of charger. Our product contains a battery that has the capacity of 5200 mAh, in order to be reliable, to have a longer runtime and lifetime. It  has excellent quality, and is also suitable for the prescriptions of the EU. Our lamp has an indicator light that indicates the current status of the battery, while it is being used, or charged.

The Action Light products are made of strong and flexible plastic components, and metal components that are used in the aircraft industry. The products have been tested for dropping from 1 meter high to cement, at least 100 times and they passed these tests.

High capacity: its capacity is equal to a lamp, which has the output of 200W.

3 functions + SOS flash:

Its maximized white bevel-angle Video-photo light (120°) can be used for taking close-ups, and combined with  its  Video-Photo light (90°) with increased capacity it is ideal for taking professional pictures and videos. With the combined white lights (90°+120°) you can maximize its capacity.

It operates in 4 different functions in order to fulfill every demand.

  • Full function: (VIDEO-PHOTO 120°, VIDEO-PHOTO 90°, VIDEO-PHOTO 120° + 90°, SOS flash)
  • Combinations of the functions: (one optional function + SOS flash

It has lots of accessories for different uses: (hand strap, pistol grip, you can strap it on your forearm, as well, and you can attach it to cameras). The high package contains all of these accessories and a packaging box, which protects the diving lamp and its accessories from damages.

This diving lamp can be used at dry conditions, as well. On max. 25°C, it operates with 70% capacity. It can also be used, below freezing point, because of the formation of its switches, as they work even in fresh water.

It is extra small, it even fits in the palm of a ten-year-old child, thus it is comfortable to use.

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